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it’s January, time for a revolution, no resolutions


Let’s start the year as we mean to go on…

Well hello there..!

Fork In The Treadmill is all things food and fitness.

Less of the fads and more of the facts. I’m a Personal Trainer and Associate Nutritionist who loves her training as much as her tucker.

So… how much time have you got? If you’re looking for a quick bit of motivation, have a look at how I’m training at the moment in my Training Diary. January is the start of half marathon training, my first committed attempt at Pilates and plenty of HiiT sessions in between.

We’re also going to take a journey through the A – Z of health and wellbeing. Don’t use the new year to Resolute, but Revolute. Take up something new, add a health habit and kick start 2017.

Make yourself at home, I’d love your feedback, your comments, and your ideas too.

Hannah x

Health and wellbeing does not just come down to food and fitness. Don’t get me wrong they are major factors, but there is more to life than squats and salmon. Here’s my lifestyle quick guide.

I love food, so fads just do not work for me. With so much confusion about what’s healthy and what’s not, these are my tried-and-tested Top Tips for health and weight loss success.

We’re all different, and want to achieve different fitness goals, but these Top-5 are my go-to to keep me on track. Not a list of “you must do”, but simply sharing what I’ve learnt.

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