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30 days of Health & Wealth...

Day 22
Admin day. A day glued to the laptop, planning and organising for the week and month ahead. I love that it means I have time...

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Day 21
Back into full training mode. Knees healed, a little bruised, but ready for action! An early HiiT session Single leg step ups Single arm kettlebell...

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Day 20
Sunday always starts with teaching. High energy, high intensity cycle classes. A year ago if someone had told me that a huge portion of my...

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Day 19
Chill day. No training, plenty of walking and time with friends. Eating clean and relaxing. A lazy brekkie of protein pancakes, smokey bacon, blueberries and...

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Day 18
FRIDAY! Teaching day – House Ride cycle classes. High energy and intense. The knees are feeling good, and it is the best way to clear...

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Day 17
Upper body today. The hamstrings are starting to scream from yesterdays workout. There’s a great lesson in trying new things, and alway mixing up workouts...

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Food of the Week...

Food of the Week : Coffee
Perhaps my favourite food for us to discuss so far… The coffee beans offer a hit of nutrients including the B vitamins riboflavin, niacin and...

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Food of the Week : Rosemary
The needle like rosemary leaves are rich in phyto-chemical compounds that are known for their ability to fight disease and improve our health. Although we don’t...

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Food of the Week : Tomato
You say tom-a-to, I say tom-at-o… well actually Lycopersicon esculentum. If we get even more specific, we’re talking about the fruit, nay, the berry of this...

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Pre-hydrating pre-run juice!
Hitting the roads for my long run in a few hours time, and so I’m trying to hydrate as much as possible before. Water alone...

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Sugar & Dairy free Nut Butter Cookies
Cookies. I love cookies. The joy of taking a break from the day with a mug of Earl grey tea with a crumbly, chewy cookie…...

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Stealth calories… do you know your demon drinks?
Over the two weeks I’ve noticed the scales aren’t showing me shrinking numbers like I’m hoping for… and more importantly working for… So what’s going...

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Sugar C-rush
A post about lessons learnt, and listening to your body. A much needed rest day zipped by, and by dinner time I had no appetite...

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The squat. Arguably the most important single exercise. Why? Because not only does it work our biggest trio of muscles (the glutes – aka the...

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WARNING: don’t get sucked into this fad
The 80’s were all about low fat. Fat was the devil, responsible for heart disease, cardiovascular conditions and a whole host of other ailments and...

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My Marathon and Triathlon Training Diary...

Day 91 : RACE DAY!
5:30am the alarm goes off. Not a good night sleep before. The nerves had definitely started to kick in! Running gear on I ate a...

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Day 90 : the end (and Nessy…) is in sight
So we arrived in Scotland yesterday. Ten hours in the car, followed by a goodnights sleep. Today is the last day before The Big Day....

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Days 83 – 89 : tapering and eating (at last!)
Long runs are over. Now it’s about short, relatively light workouts. At the start of this week the nerves kicked in BIG time. It was...

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Health and wellbeing does not just come down to food and fitness. Don’t get me wrong they are major factors, but there is more to life than squats and salmon. Here’s my lifestyle quick guide.

I love food, so fads just do not work for me. With so much confusion about what’s healthy and what’s not, these are my tried-and-tested Top Tips for health and weight loss success.

We’re all different, and want to achieve different fitness goals, but these Top-5 are my go-to to keep me on track. Not a list of “you must do”, but simply sharing what I’ve learnt.

Well hello there..!

So… how much time have you got? If you’re looking for a quick bit of motivation, have a look at how I’m training at the moment in my Training Diary

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If you’ve got a bit more time, get yourself a cuppa, and have a look into the Nutrition Nugget and Golden Rules.

Looking for the why’s and what for’s of fitness? Head over to the Body Lab.

Hungry? Hopefully the Great Grub page will whet you’re appetite and inspire you with the Food of the Week.

Make yourself at home, I’d love your feedback, your comments, and your ideas too.

Hannah x

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