Starting at the beginning…

I planned the Inspiration Station to be a 60-second pit-stop to inspire. But I’m going to break that rule just for this first post. It’s a very selfish post, so please, humour me.

Ok so this is not a “oh wow what an inspiration I am” post… this is a self-belief pep talk.

I’m taking part in a half-marathon in 9 days, 23 hours and a few too-few minutes…

I’ve done one before, in fact I’ve done three. But last year I completed one in Oxford and at 7 miles hit the wall. I’d heard the phrase from serious marathon runners (as a mega-mega amateur halfie, I am not putting myself anywhere near that category…) but had no idea what it meant, or felt like. It sucked, and the following 5 miles was hell.

So I’ve developed a little running phobia. Not enough to make me back out of next weekends run, or to stop running altogether, but definateley enough to impact on my training and to give me serious dreads and anxiety if I attempt anything over 10km.

So my first Inspiration Station is a bit of a deep soul-searching reminder to myself:

 to try my best,

 put my 100% in,

 and to get over that damn wall, because perseverance and some preparation will get there…


My blogs a bit of a virtual-half marathon. From giving up a very stable, secure, structured job, to making my own job profile and literally building my own on-line office it’s taken a shed load of planning, stumbles, trips and triumphs along the road.

In the coming weeks and months, when I fall of the fitness wagon and put a couple of pounds on, or when I forget to back up all my data on my laptop (…again, boy that week sucked) this post is my self-talk to go, “oi!! dust yourself down, get your trainers back on, and run, you’ve done it before, you can sure as heck do it again!”

So why did I hit the wall? I didn’t train enough. To all of you reading this, I suppose there is a message in there to stick at things, and the tougher they are the greater the rewards we reap in the end. It’s about honest preparation, taking things in bitesize chunks, hardwork and then some good-olde belief.


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  1. Alex Walker 16 March, 2015 at 3:30 pm · · Reply

    Coleman….. I can honestly say you are an inspiration!! Since meeting you 7 years ago you have motivated me to care about my health, be aware of what I’m putting in my body and how to exercise it. Recently I became a qualified yoga teacher and soon to take on a nutrition course, you completely kick started this healthy lifestyle for me and I can never thank you enough.

    I am SOOO pleased you’ve started this blog, I can now get my Coleman fix from the other side of the world

    Thank you

    • 16 March, 2015 at 3:58 pm · · Reply

      You make me EMOSH!!!
      I am in awe you Yogi, that is so awesome! Straight back at you sister… it was our first half-marathon together that started things.
      So much love

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