Part One results: 6kg and 5% body fat lighter!

15 Fit ‘n’ Mix high intensity interval style workouts along with 10 cardio sessions and Part One of the F.i.T.T for Summer Programme is done.

During that time I’ve dropped 2kg and 3% body fat. A pretty awesome start to things.

I think it’s also important to share that I began designing the Programme just over a month earlier, and I dropped just over 4kg and 2% body fat during that time… proving that Part One produces steady and consistent results… and a total of 6kg and 5% body fat 🙂 !

I’ve lived a healthy and balanced life along the way. Eating clean for  80% of the time, with a decedent Treat Meal once a week, and sometimes a couple of alcoholic bevvies to accompany a super-clean meal on another night.

I’ve not “banned” or cut-out any foods or food groups from my diet, I’ve just substituted or even home-made healthier version of my favourite things… baked chips (“fried” is pretty much a swear word… 🙂 ), choccy coconut bites…

I’m pleased the statistics are not super dramatic. This has only been five weeks, and I want results that I’m going to keep. This programme is not a fad diet… getting unnaturally quick results through restricted eating plans or metabolism crushing cardio plans…


It’s super, super scary sharing “before” and “after” photos… especially when the journey is less than half complete.

But… I promised to keep this journal an honest and true account of my progress. In 5 weeks I’ve made respectable progress with fat loss, but in 9 weeks 6kg and 5% body fat is something I am really pleased with. It means I’ve kept my calorie intake to a point where I’m using fat stores without damaging my metabolism, catabolising muscle or plateauing because I’ve consumed too little energy each day. Patience is paying off.

More than 80% of people who follow a quick weight loss diet, regain it all… plus more. There are plenty of celebs such as Oprah, Kirstie Allie, Kelly Clarkson who have suffered the rebound fate after super-quick pound shedding.

Now, after really enjoying a three day rest, I’m psyched and ready for Part Two. My body was tired, and three days off training was just what I needed! And as I look at what I have planned for the next five weeks, I realise that my brain was too! I’m looking forward to a whole new workout plan with knew challenges.

The F.i.T.T ‘n’ Mix workouts are gone, and Ripped ‘n’ Mix are in… twice a week, with three cardio sessions on alternate days to smash my fitness and improve my endurance.

The Blenheim Triathlon is in 6 weeks time, which means 5 tough weeks of training will get me into the shape I need to rock the event 🙂 !

BOOM! Let’s get going…



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  1. Ashleigh 7 May, 2015 at 9:12 am · · Reply

    You look fab Hannah! So toned

    • 12 May, 2015 at 6:30 pm · · Reply

      Thank you! That’s such a sweet comment… it’s all work in progress 🙂

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