10 week F.I.T.T. for Summer Programme: PART TWO

35 days over, it’s time for Part Two.

Part One was all about conditioning. Now that we’ve recruited and began to develop huge amounts of muscle fibre, it’s the appropriate time to start building denser muscle and increasing our cardiovascular fitness.

mepartoneBring on Part Two.

We move to two resistance sessions a week dubbed the Ripped ‘n’ Mix workouts and three cardio sessions.

In the weight sessions we will be focusing on building muscle… increasing our metabolism and enhancing our fitness performance. The intensity will be high, but very different from Part One as we focus on lifting heavier with great technique. We’re going to get strong and toned.

In the cardio sessions we will be taking on interval sessions, working on our technique (to be better, and have less chance of injury) or challenging our endurancedepending on what day of the week it is.

Click on the link below… and get ready to rock 🙂

FiTT for Summer 10 Week Programme-Part Two



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