GOLDEN RULE #4: The number one key to weight loss…

I’ve been thinking a lot over the last eight weeks about what has contributed to the health and fitness achievements I have made, and by far the leading factor has been planning.

It may sound so simple (heck – the best things always are…) but it has ensured that I’ve pre-empted (most!) barriers to exercise and good eating choices, and made sure that the things I want to achieve are given high priority across the week ahead…


Sunday night has been given designated planning time. My boyf and I take twenty minutes out of the evening to look ahead and plan our workouts, travel, food, treats and events over the next seven days. Sound geeky? it is. But we’re both passionate about our health and fitness goals, and are loving the results we’re seeing, and so it’s become part-and-parcel of our week.

Does it change? Yup. As the week goes on, life happens, but it’s invariably easier to adapt and juggle things to still tick off the important goals, like workouts and Treat meals 🙂 .

I think there is a bit of psychology behind it too. There is something very committing about putting pen to paper with regards to exercise. There’s nothing better than seven days later ticking off each completed session. It’s a great way to put realisation into the results that are in the mirror. No workouts ticked off at the end of the week…  no progress? Well it starts to become easier to see why…

I find it really helpful for food plans too. I know when my Treat meals are happening, and it’s easier to see when I have time for food prep to make sure that 80% of my breakfasts, lunches and dinners are clean, whether I’m at home, work or anywhere else.


Sounds like a lot of work and effort? Well, who said being healthy and training hard is? Are the end results worth it… Yes.

My planning started on scraps of paper… but as a stationary loving organiser, this became a proper planner.

I’ve shared it with you as a free download and hope you find it as useful as I have… if not, the other side is great for writing your shopping list on 🙂



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