Stealth calories… do you know your demon drinks?

Over the two weeks I’ve noticed the scales aren’t showing me shrinking numbers like I’m hoping for… and more importantly working forSo what’s going on?

Training hard… check!

Eating clean… (80% of the time) check!

This has made me stop and think about what I’m drinking. With the exception of the mighty H2O, every other drink we consume is calorific, and depending on it’s ingredients can have a big effect on our blood sugar levels and over time, our weight.

I’ve made a quick check list of some of the worst offenders. This isn’t to make them the devil, or ban them (unless their ingredients list is more chemical than content…) it is just to give a gentle reminder that a calorie dense drink is super easy to slurp on without feeling full or satiated, and can actually increase appetite, and quickly have you reaching for a biscuit for dunking, or some crisps…


Enjoy… but just be mindful, and try not to less these drinks be daily indulgences…


A simple americano has on avergae 11 kcal, and a green tea only 2 kcal (and it an awesome anti-oxidant and fat metaboliser).

There’s no way I’m giving up flat whites, or red wine, but I am aware of when and how much I’m having. I’m definitely going to make a more conscious effort to add more green tea to my day.

Be super-savvy with your smoothies. Whole fruit blended smoothies offer lots of fibre with their fructose and carbs, but avoid juices and smoothies with lots of juice. Why? They will spike your blood sugar, and overload your liver… resulting in the energy will go quickly to your fat cells. Not cool. Make sure they are made of whole fruit, blended with water, coconut water or almond milk, and try to add some protein or fats to slow digestion. Really, consider a smoothie a mini-meal, definitely not a drink!

With summer officially here (…sort of) it’s a timely reminder to be drinking enough water. When going to enjoy a coffee, wine or cocktail, it’s a good habit to have a glass of water first. That way will ensure hydration, and also make sure that we enjoy our indulgent drinks, rather than using them to quench thirst 🙂



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