10 Week Programme… the results!

It over. 70 days of workouts, clean eating, planned Treat meals and well earned rest days and the programme is over…

meweek6picBack in a very miserable March I started the 10 Week F.i.T.T for Summer Programme to shed a little winter-fat and get fit for the Blenheim Triathlon. With a week to go until I jump in the lake for the event, the programme is complete and I’m slimmer, leaner and infinitely fitter than when I started.

In January I remember how much I struggled to run 2.5 km. It was so disheartening. I needed to get my mind and body in gear, as I was signed up for a half marathon in March, a triathlon in June and a full marathon in September 🙂 .

I decided to share my journey to put a real-time progress on my journey by blogging it. I wanted to show just how much work it takes a seriously “average-Jane” to get from chunky-monkey to fit-bunny. It was important for me to show what realistic work looks like. fitt11Trust me, when I train, I train hard, but most workout days that meant 30-45 mins, with two rest days a week, some weeks more (that’s life!) but I also need life balance.

I shared all of the workouts I sweated out, and added days of cardio. F.i.T.T ‘n’ Mix workouts stripped fat, and got me fitterfast! It was an intense first 5 weeks, and totally prepared me for building muscle and more intense triathlon specific cardio in Part two.

endprog6My biggest training day… in Week 9  was a lake swim, followed by a 11km run – 20km bike ride – 11km run sandwich. Tough, but I felt strong. And something I could not have contemplated back in January 🙂 .

If you’ve looked at my blog, or Instagram, or had more than a 60 second conversation with me, you will know I love food. I hate junk and chemicals in food (which helps!)… and love cooking healthy, so across this journey I was not prepared to cut out any food groups, macronutrients or indulgent meals I love. Most weeks I had two Treat meals a week, some weeks one.

This was not going to be an honest, realistic, sustainable lifestyle if there were no flat whites, or red wine 🙂

I post before and after bikini pics with major nerves… it’s pretty daunting wearing a bikini on a beach, in the blazing sun surrounded by others doing the same… but doing so in my back garden ( 🙂 ) with the intentions of sharing them is a whole other ball game.

Why have I done it? Every day I speak to girls (and a few guys!) at the gym, at work, my friends… endprog7and we are all striving to be leaner, fitter and healthier versions of ourselves. It is so easy to be disillusioned by images in the media, magazines and celebrities, so I’m hoping my journey is an honest story to inspire and motivate others.

The results? Looking at the numbers first, I’m 7.5km lighter and 6.5% body fat leaner… and my skinny jeans fit 🙂 . I’ve had moments where I’m really disappointed by the stats. It’s insane how so many of us get focused on the digits which appear on a set of scales, without looking at the big picture.skinny jeans

If I’d cut out alcohol, been stricter on food choices on Treat days, and trained more, the scales would have shown it. But it was important to me to keep the 10 Week F.i.T.T for Summer Programme real and sustainable. If the scales had shown 4kg less, and I’d had no social life along the way, would it have been worth it? I’m not so sure. And one thing I could be sure of… I would have undone all of my good work in a few short weeks.

As I stand, I’m physically super ready for the triathlon (5 days to go!) and I’ve made major progress with fat loss. I’m entering the aesthetic pounds, and so losing the last 5kg is not going to be easy, as my body is pretty happy and healthy at it’s current weight! 🙂


So what’s next? A rest. A week away from the gym to really let my muscles recover, and give my brain a break too 🙂

I won’t be sofa-surfing, there will be plenty of dog walking and maybe a few swims, but it will be activity rather than training.

Then? Then, I will have 14 weeks before my first full-marathon (which terrifies me already!) with an Olympic triathlon, two weeks after that. It’s going to be three months of serious and strategic training. The focus is completely going to be on performance: getting fitter, stronger and faster. Any fat loss will be a welcome side effect 🙂

Thank you for following my journey so far… the blog will continue to be filled with my training, my recipes, nutritional tit-bits and my experiences. I’ve received some awesome positive, supportive and caring comments, which I’m so grateful for.

Be kind to yourself, treat yourself well and make yourself happy along the way.



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