The book that changed my life

In life I think there are often catalysts at life-defining turning points. It may be a person, event, place, photo…

And sometimes, I think we don’t realise what it was until we reflect back.

I remember years ago, working in a job I hated, trapped by a good salary and security. Sounds really tough doesn’t it? I really don’t mean to sound ungrateful, I did realise how lucky I was, but I remember watching my Personal Trainer and realising he loved his job. Loved it. So much so, that it didn’t seem like work.

That was a major lightbulb moment for me.

So I started making changes…

I had already been working as a Personal Trainer for several months before I got my next big BOOM, and thats what this post is about.

I have lost count of the number of books, journals and articles I have read about nutrition and training (my dear dad jokes that I could always open a library if things get tough :-)… thanks dad) but one still to this day sticks out as my favourite.


So many fitness, diet and lifestyle books spin the same message… hey – selling books makes money after all 🙂 but this one stripped away all of the secrets and revelations promised to help us lose weight and be healthy, and with refreshing honesty went back to the simple truths deep down we all know to be true.

Ditch the chemicals, eat clean, train simple and smart, listen to your body, have balance, be consistent.

Ok, so that’s me paraphrasing… the James says it much better (and with great pictures too! 🙂 ) but you get the idea…

All of a sudden I wasn’t searching for a secret answer anymore, but I’d found a simple lifestyle I could actually stick to. I loved the notion of trying to make great choices, and being forgiving with yourself with slip ups. This was not a dictatorial all or nothing bound-to-fail diet book.

jd1My only criticism is that the title says diet. I guess that’s the magic key to creating a best selling, but the number one thing I love about James Duigan’s mantra and ethos is that there is no “diet”. It’s a kickstart plan to a really simple lifestyle. I’ve not met anyone who eats clean, and says they don’t feel better for it. Are we perfect? No way. You can’t fight the power of the cookies forever! 🙂

But jokes aside, after reading many books where the “author knows best” and their way is the only way… a way which tended to be unrealistic, restrictive, boring and unsociable, this book broke the mould for me.

Whenever I lose focus, I dust it down and read it again. I gently remind myself to “keep it real”, there is no quick fix in life worth having. It’s a journey, and healthy living is a lifestyle.

Thankfully, I think over the past few years lots more like minded books have sprung up on the shelves inspiring and educating us to live healthier and happier.

Last note… This is not a commissioned post, just me sharing my personal opinion.



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