GOLDEN RULE #5: Hydration

With our bodies made up of about 60% water… this golden rule is a no brainer.

Every single cell of the body contains water in it so some degree, and needs to maintain this balance to grow, function properly and ultimately keep us healthy.

The human brain is more than 70% water, with it acting as a shock absorber for protection.

Lots of chemical messages are transmitted around the body across or through water.

Oxygen is transported around the body in water.

It’s regulates our temperature – through sweat and breathing. Wonder why you wake in the morning super thirsty? That’s eight hours of exhaling moisture (aka water).

Macronutrients are metabolised and transported in water.

Toxins are flushed out through urea. Water is needed to start this process in the kidneys.

Ok. So we get it. Water is life.

When we don’t have enough it affects cell growth, brain function and the bodies natural ability to eliminate harmful toxins. With insufficient water the body cannot manage it’s own processes.

How much is enough? There are many different super scientific theories on this one, but thank goodness common sense can prevail. Drink to thirst. When thirsty, always quench first with water. Do your body a favour and save the coffee, tea or wine for a little later.

A good hydration check? The colour of your pee. Anything darker than pale squash is your body telling you there’s not enough water available. Drink up.

Try to always start your day with a large glass of water. Room temperature is easier to manage on an empty stomach. Squeeze in lemon or lime for some hydrating minerals too.

Hungry? Are you sure? The chemical signals in our bodies telling us it’s lunch time feel very much the same as our thirst signals. Pause for a moment, have a large glass of water, and check back in on your hunger levels 20 minutes later. One of the single most common reasons for overeating (aka… putting on unnecessary pounds) is simply dehydration.

Always drink water whilst exercising, say… taking a gym glass or smashing out your own workout. Going for a run? If longer than one hour, take water with you, and make sure to rehydrate when you finish.

Hydration v Water? Not quite the same thing… not only doing our cells have water, but an awesome balance of electrolytes (we’re talking potassium, magnesium, calcium, chloride…) which regulate our water levels. Ever feel sloshy from drinking loads of water, but just don’t feel thirst quenched? Lot’s of water can disrupt this electrolyte balance. Squeeze in fresh lemon, lime, grapefruit to your water, and your body will take care of the rest 🙂



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