Food of the Week: Trout

Looks like salmon, tastes a bit like salmon and even related to salmon. What’s the deal with trout? It’s popping up a lot in supermarket in fillets, and even smoked…


Firstly this pink oily fish is mega rich in omega-3. We know omega-3 fatty acids are vital for health and life, with oodles of evidence showing links to heart health, low blood cholesterol and even certain cancers. Rich in “good fats” but very low in saturated fat. 🙂

Trout is really high in protein, with one fillet providing a woman with almost half her recommended daily requirements. Each meal we eat should include at least a palm sized portion of high-protein food to repair cells, heal muscles, satiate our appetite and increase our metabolism.

Farmed fish posts a risk of contaminants. The media warns against the risk of high levels of mercury in some oily fish… Trout is very low on this list, and low in levels of the chemical PCBs which has been linked to brain disorders, kidney damage and fatigue.

Trout isn’t just loaded in macronutrients, but packs a wicked punch in the form of micronutrients. The vitamin B12 is vital for brain and nervous system function, as well as blood formation; vitamin B6 is responsible for turning macronutrients into energy, and niacin which is awesome for heart health and low cholesterol levels. Trout is really rich in all three 🙂

Although related to salmon, trout has a much milder flavour, so if salmon is too fishy for you… don’t be put off by the look of trout – give it a go. It also requires less cooking time.

Griddle, bake or steam fillets. In the oven the flesh turns pale pink and cooked in 15 mins… In the microwave we’re talking 3 minutes!

Dill is traditionally the herb accompaniment of fish, but trout also works really well with ginger, garlic and chilli flakes, or simply a sprinkle of smoked paprika.

Serve with…

A load of greens and garlic and rosemary roasted new potatoes.

Quinoa and roasted veg.

Whole grain, rice of high fibre pasta and a tomato and spinach sauce.

Rice noodles and stir fried veg.

Once cool, serve with scrambled eggs, or add to an omelet.



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