Sugar C-rush

A post about lessons learnt, and listening to your body.

A much needed rest day zipped by, and by dinner time I had no appetite for my one of normal balanced, healthy dinner. Instead, it seemed like a brilliant idea to settle in front of a movie with the boyf and the whole years sugar quota for Oxfordshire.

So. Last nights dinner was skipped and replaced with a sugar feast… Ice cream, bourbon biscuits and millionaire shortbread squares.

Did I enjoy it? Hell yeah. 

Did I know I would regret it? Hell yeah. Oops.

I knew as I tucked in I would confuse my healthy, balanced body with a shmorgasborg of chemicals, sugars and sweeteners. And I did.

The result? A sugar hangover today.

I train hard, consistently and regularly, so how much will one very calorific chemical meal cost me?

My weight and body fat may fluctuate this week, but if I get straight back onto the clean and balanced wagon – it should be no more than that. But that is easier said than done.

As soon as I woke I felt dehydrated and craved carbs. I’m not talking porridge or wholegrain toast, I lusted after the dirty processed kind. I settled for a small freshly made egg baguette.

I was hungry two hours earlier than normal. My body had blasted through the simple carbs and was screaming for energy. By this point I had got my mind in check, and I knew exactly what was happening chemically. Protein and greens. Chicken, eggs, broccoli, spinach and a few home baked potato wedges.

I still craved sugar. But being at work kept me distracted. My mood was definitely lower today, and I felt exhausted.

All thanks to processed sugar and chemicals. In one monster dose.

Thankfully I normally have a much more savoury tooth, and I love veggies and protein. And, because I have such little refined sugar and chemicals in my diet when I do, the effects are huge.

It makes me understand the cyclical toxic cycle individuals can get into with processed, sugary chemical foods. Imagine if this was life?

Your body processes the glucose rapidly, and unable to process the chemicals, leaving you hungry, tired, moody, depressed and unable to focus and with the added perk of quickly adding fat.

It was only because I know how good I normally feel, that I could quickly (well… over 12 hours ) work out what had caused my mood, energy and attitude slump. Mind over matter I could change things as quickly as I had undone them.

Lesson learnt, back on the Clean Train…



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  1. So true. I’m the same. When I do eat cake or ice-cream, or anything processed with refined sugar, I feel awful. SOmetimes immediately after eating it too – I get the sugar shakes! I used to eat that kind of thing all the time and didn’t notice how it was making me feel. Pretty bad. But it’s good to now have an awareness and when I do have a blow-out (and I do from time to time!), then I know a green smoothie and bowl of porridge the next day will set me back on the right track!

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